EGC Creates Exciting Promotion for Vaughn College Open House

With help from a new promotional campaign from EGC, Vaughn College is attracting the attention of many prospective students who are interested in aviation-related careers.

The application season is in full swing, and Vaughn College is at the forefront!

Vaughn School Fair-1There has been a noticeable shortage in the aviation workforce, particularly in the New York metro area, which is a major travel hub. EGC helped Vaughn answer this call and devised a recruitment campaign which led to above and beyond results…

Open House Fall 2023 (2)Typically, Vaughn holds one Open House per season. This year’s date is scheduled Saturday, November 11th. Students took notice—so much so that this event is filled to capacity and an additional Open House will be held on December 9th!

Among the standout swag created by EGC that has gained attention is the club sports mascot for Vaughn: The Phoenix—a mythic bird that regenerates and grows stronger, which perfectly symbolizes the strength of the Vaughn community and sense of inclusion and bringing people together.

Vaughn Logo Feature

Know anyone interested in a career in aviation? Direct them to this page where they may register for the Vaughn College Open House that will take place on December 9th