EGC Crafts Video for New Quilt Club Series from Brother International Corporation

What’s the first rule of Quilt Club? We talk about quilting…a LOT!

Quilt Club.01Quilters are serious about quilting, and Brother International Corporation is serious about providing them with the best possible tools to pursue their favorite pastime. To announce the release of the new Quilt Club Series lineup, EGC worked with Brother to create a comedic video that takes place at the meeting of a particularly enthusiastic Quilt Club.

At the meeting, Quilt Club members—many of whom are played by real quilters—are surprised to find out that one of their own is actually working undercover for Brother. Their shock quickly turns to delight when he rolls out the new Quilt Club machines and demonstrates their amazing features, celebrating a remarkable community of craftspeople in the process.

Quilt Club.News.01Get a fun, inside look at Brother’s Quilt Club in this video.