EGC Craft Beverage Offers Insights in Media Post Article

In a recent Media Post article about the closing of Shmaltz Brewing Company, Jim McCune, director of ECG Group’s Craft Beverage Division, offered insights about the innovativeness of this beer brand.


Yes, it is the end of the Shmaltz Brewing Company era, which is closing up shop on its 25th anniversary. Since its inception by founder Jeremy Cowan, Shmaltz distinguished itself by creating craft beers that celebrated Jewish culture, from “Bittersweet Lenny,” which saluted comedian Lenny Bruce, to its final flavor, “Exodus 2021 – Farewell to Shmaltz.”

As Jim McCune observed:

“The Shmaltz brand is all part of Cowan’s marketing genius and self-proclaimed ‘shtick’ [Yiddish for “comic routine]”). The company name even refers to a specific type of cooking fat associated with Jewish cuisine. Cowan would choose witty beer names like Messiah Brown Ale, Pastrami Pilsner, and Funky Jewbelation.” 

You can read the complete Media Post article here.

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