EGC Craft Beverage Hired by Lotus Beverage Alliance

The EGC Craft Beverage Division is excited to announce its latest client: Lotus Beverage Alliance—an organization that covers every step of craft brewery and beverage production.

EGC has been engaged by Lotus Beverage Alliance to perform a full suite of marketing and production services.

Lotus Beverage Alliance is made up of the following companies: GW Kent, Alpha Brewing Operations, Stout Tanks and Kettles, Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems, and Automated Extractions. Collectively, these companies offer their customers extensive support, better resources, and overall value for their money.

It’s also worth noting that Lotus Beverage Alliance works with beverage producers throughout the craft space, including: craft beer, RTD cocktails, wine, CBD and THC infused drinks, coffee, distilling and more.

Cheers to working with Lotus Beverage Alliance!