EGC Craft Beverage Featured in the News

Jim McCune, Executive Director Craft Beverage at EGC, just published an article for Craft Brewing Business about what some call ‘The Candemic’—the shortage of aluminum beer cans.

Craft Brewing Business.BlogIt seems that for the last 10 years, beer drinkers steadily developed a preference for having their favorite brews packaged in aluminum cans instead of bottles. Then, the growing popularity of hard seltzer required even more aluminum for the creation of taller, more specialized cans. And of course, the COVID-19 pandemic presented another dimension of problems. In short, the supply of aluminum cans to package beer decreased, while demand increased.

How has the beer industry responded to this unusual dilemma, and what steps have the taken and continue to take to tackle the shortage of aluminum cans? Jim explains it all in his article, which you can read by clicking here.

Also, learn more about the Craft Beverage Division of EGC here.