EGC Comments on the XFL’s New Social Media Campaign to Digiday

The XFL (Xtra Fun League) begins tomorrow, and EGC President and CEO Nicole Penn comments on its new vision and marketing strategy via social media.

Digiday logoMaking its return since 2020, the XFL is focusing its marketing strategy on new and returning fans, who will be engaged through social media platforms Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. In short, it’s all about “the human factor.”

What is unique, according to Janet Duch, CMO of the XFL, is that each platform works in a different way for the teams that are participating.

As Nicole points out:

“The XFL is implementing co-creation in its marketing strategy, which is a tactic that is fueling the future of marketing. It will play a big part in humanizing the brand and generating meaningful interactions with fans and social media has evolved over the past few years and brands must stay in touch with their followings if they want to stay relevant.”

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