EGC Comments About TikTok Pulse in FORTUNE

EGC President Nicole Penn offered advice to creators who are not seeing the return-on-investment they were hoping for when posting video content to TikTok.

FORTUNE logo.News featureThe FORTUNE article detailed TikTok Pulse, which was established this past May as an advertising revenue share program where creators and publishers could enjoy compensation. (Part of the reason for TikTok Pulse was to compete with other similar revenue share programs offered by Facebook and YouTube.)

Many creators who joined TikTok Pulse, however, have been seeing small gains for their efforts. Despite this, Nicole insists that videos posted to the Pulse program are without question the optimum choice. As she states, TikTok Pulse is: “…where a lot of people live; it’s where you get the magic algorithm that’s showing you the things you want to see.”

Part of the frustration or confusion that creators and publishers are seeing is the fact that TikTok lowered the spend minimum for advertisers seeking to join Pulse to $500. Nicole pointed out that creators and publishers should expect to invest a minimum budget of $500,000 to their campaigns in order to attain high engagement rates on TikTok Pulse.

The complete FORTUNE article is available for reading. (Note that the article is gated.)

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