EGC Client Sterling Optical Helps Underprivileged Children

The expression “giving back to the community” is alive and well through the efforts of Lolita Munir, Franchise Owner of Sterling Optical at the Shops at Iverson, located in Temple Hills, MD. Lolita and her team help serve the eye care needs of underserved communities. Most recently, Lolita and her staff visited Washington, D.C., with the goal of donating over 500 new sets of blue-light filtering eyeglasses to children who attend Patterson Elementary School.

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While the purpose of this event was to be of service, the mood and atmosphere of was festive and fun. An Amazon-sponsored “Treasure Truck” was on hand to provide books to children who were being tested and fitted for eyeglasses.

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“This is my love. This is my passion,” Lolita stated. “Not just protecting the children—but just protecting people’s eyes all over. If I can make a difference in one person’s life, my job is well done.”

Well done indeed, Lolita.

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