EGC Client Gets Front Page Coverage in Long Island Press

Salvatore “Sal” Stile II, president and CEO of Alba Wheels Up International—a client of EGC—made the cover story in the current edition of Long Island Press.

Long Island Press.logoBased in Valley Stream, NY, Alba Wheels Up International is a shipping company that provides custom brokerage, freight forwarding, and supply chain management systems, among a host of other transportation services.

For the last two years, EGC has helped promote Alba Wheels Up International through services ranging from traditional print to state-of-the-art web design, which can be viewed here.

Long Island Press.Alba Wheels Up

In the Long Island Press feature, Mr. Stile discusses how he started Alba Wheels Up International, the supply chain issues that the shipping industry faces, as well as the inspiration he draws from his family, and several philanthropic endeavors he has initiated. 

Access the complete Long Island Press edition here. (The feature on Mr. Stile is at 15/112.)