EGC Client Featured in Renowned Financial Trade Publication

Jennifer Palmer, CEO of Gerber Finance, a client of the EGC Group, received coverage in The Secured Lender, an industry publication for the Secured Finance Network (SFNet).

SFNet logoThe latest edition of The Secured Lender, “Leading the Way Forward” focuses on women who make up the management and executive committees of SFNet. And Jennifer, in addition to being the CEO of Gerber Finance, also serves as the vice president of SFNet. She discusses her mission to fund companies that are either owned or led by women, 40 percent of which comprise the portfolio of Gerber Finance clients.

Leading the Way Forward Cover

Jennifer Palmer, CEO of Gerber Finance, is fourth from left in above photo.

As evidence of her commitment, dedication, and success, Jennifer will be awarded the title of “Third Woman President” of SFNet in October. Congratulations, Jennifer, from EGC!

Access the complete issue of this month’s edition of The Secured Lender here.

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