EGC Chats About Snapchat to Newsday

Christina Botte, EGC’s Director of Social Media, was recently interviewed in Newsday about the marketing possibilities of Snapchat’s partnership with eBay.

Newsday.EGC News Post

The article covers the purchasing preferences of the Gen Z (ages 10-25) shoppers, and how eBay, the well-known online store, is joining forces with Snapchat, a favorite photo and messaging app among this young audience. 

Now, Snapchat users can share their eBay listings with a linkable sticker (“Snaps,” which are photos or videos) that they can share with their Snapchat friends.

One condition of this Snapchat/eBay collaboration is that “Snaps” can only be shared among the set friends’ lists of Gen Z members. As Christina points out:

“I really think it’s for the younger Gen Z audience to sell to other Gen Z. They’re the ones on Snapchat.” 

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