EGC CEO Nicole Penn Offers Insights on “Back2Basics” Podcast

Nicole Penn, CEO of EGC Group, was a recent guest on “Back2Basics: Reconnecting to the Essence of YOU”—a podcast aimed to help busy professionals maintain a healthy and balanced perspective.

Hosted by Leticia Latino, CEO of Neptuno USA. Corp, Nicole covered a variety of topics, including her lifelong interest in painting and drawing, and how she channeled this passion into her business career: “[I] went on to study for an MBA and loved commerce and business and the feeling that maybe a creative idea that I have could influence someone’s economy.” This attitude led to her pursuit of a career in advertising. It is fitting then, that the name of this episode of the podcast is: “The Business Side of Creativity.”

Other points of interest that Nicole discussed included her rise at EGC, the empowerment of professional women, and the need for a healthy work/life balance. She also mentioned the guidance she received from EGC founder, Ernie Canadeo, and the special importance of being of service to one’s community and giving back—and how this practice and attitude eventually comes back to benefit all.

Listen to the complete podcast on YouTube.