EGC Builds Branding for Monterey Spine & Joint’s Exciting New Longevity Program

Monterey Spine & Joint needed an attention-grabbing campaign to highlight its new program that promotes longevity. EGC delivered collateral that should have long-lasting impact.

Through their new LifePlus™ program, Monterey Spine & Joint (MSJ) Longevity patients can become the healthiest versions of themselves, physically and mentally, and enjoy longer and happier lives.

Led by David Liotta, MA, those who join this health and wellness movement will have access to a personalized eight-week program of specialized tests and a comprehensive data-based plan to improve motion, metabolism, and mindset.

How could MSJ Longevity attract attention and spread awareness? EGC had answers…

EGC conjured the name—“LifePlus”—to define this new healthspan program. To make a visual impact, a logo featuring the infinity sign (∞), which symbolizes longevity, was created to accompany the “LifePlus” name.

Building off MSJ’s brand equity in the Monterey, CA market, EGC extended MSJ’s website—which currently networks the organization’s primary orthopedic care, urgent care, physical therapy, and imaging services—to include information about this new health trend in a manner that was succinct but inspirational, motivating individuals seeking to optimize their quality of life by learning how with MSJ Longevity’s program’s offerings.

Visit the MSJ Longevity website to learn more about what the LifePlus™ program provides.

EGC is proud to have been of service to MSJ for this project, and sincerely wishes it much longevity!