CBMAS Celebrates “The Crushie” Winners for 2024

Welcome to the fifth annual Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAS), founded by EGC. Join Jackie DiBella-Curry and Jim McCune, co-founders (and co-hosts) at this ceremony!

Going strong in its fifth year, this may well have been the toughest competition for the CBMAS, which awarded a grand total of 227 of “The Crushie” trophies within an equally impressive 25 categories throughout the world.

Taking a different direction this year, Jackie and Jim present the names of the winners, beverage companies, and the eye-catching artwork that earned them “The Crushie,” which can be viewed in this video on Facebook.

Thanks to…

  • DHL BevPros, the go-to solutions provider in the craft beverage industry.
  • Automobile manufacturer Isuzu, which creates specially-tailored trucks for craft brewers.
  • The manufacturer of “The Crushie” trophy Steel City Tap Co.
  • And—of course—The EGC Group.

Oh, in 2025, prepare for a slight name change. The “Craft Beer Marketing Awards”—which for five years has been the official name representing the CBMAS acronym—will become “Craft Beverage Marketing Awards,” to account for other drinks—such as RTD cocktails, cider, mead, and seltzers—in addition to craft beer. (This is perhaps the truest sign of how widespread and popular the CBMAS have become. Cheers to next year and beyond!)

Check out the CBMAS website.