Case Study: Social Media Refresh Boosts Health of Weight Loss Program

In this latest installment of EGC’s “Case Study” series, we detail the social media campaign developed for the Mayo Clinic Diet—in association with Digital Wellness—to attract and encourage anyone with a sincere interest in losing weight and improving their overall health.

Mayo Clinic Diet Case Study.NewsOne of the most common dilemmas faced by weight loss and health improvement programs is client retention. All too many people have tried weight loss programs and given up for one reason or another, whether it was lack of motivation or not getting the results they hoped for.

EGC, on the other hand, was very motivated in spreading the word of how the Mayo Clinic Diet was a different program that worked. A complete social media refresh that included user-generated style video content  showcasing real-life journeys and success stories of current members as well as a rapidly growing members-only Facebook Group brought new health and vigor to the Mayo Clinic Diet. In fact, the results in impressions, engagements, video views, and post link clicks went beyond expectations.

Visit the “Case Study” page to learn how beyond successful this campaign has been.