Aviation Training Programs at Vaughn College Attract Major Media Coverage

What do the news channels of ABC, CBS, NY1, and PIX11 have in common? Within a two-month time frame, each station featured coverage about how EGC client Vaughn College is answering the call to fill open positions in air traffic control, flight, aircraft maintenance and aeronautical engineering.

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Image Credit: Eyewitness News (WABC-TV)

Accommodating this unprecedented demand has been difficult. Tens of thousands of applications for qualified air traffic controllers and pilots are currently being processed and studied by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), according to CBS New York. And, as reported by Eyewitness News on ABCthe FAA is seeking ways to train pilots faster.

The aviation training programs at Vaughn College are being promoted heavily in New York, which—as a major travel hub—has been hit especially hard by the shortages. Roy Kennis, former air traffic controller-turned-instructor, spoke to NY1 about the shortage:

“The FAA has got to step it up in terms of hiring more applicants, and we’re trying to get them right into the pipeline here at Vaughn College.”

While Mr. Kennis was referring to the demand for air traffic controllers, there is an equally great need for pilots, aeronautical engineers and mechanics, among other aviation-related positions. The challenges and rewards in this field are great. As Jesus Antonio told PIX11:

 “What makes flying awesome is it’s everything at once.”

Thank you to Vaughn College for its efforts in training the next generation of professionals in the aviation industry, and for offering your expertise in the feature stories reported on by a variety of media outlets.

Visit the Vaughn College website to learn more about its training programs.