An Inspiring Week, and Remembering an Inspiring Life

I just returned from another week at Harvard Business School’s YPO President’s Program, wrapping up a fifth year of a nine-year program.

It has been a journey of inspiration and education on everything from global policy to leadership.

And just days after returning, I heard the news that a beloved professor and author of one of my favorite Harvard publications, Clay Christensen, has passed away.

Clay Christensen was unique, as he was able to take broad, complex economic, business and innovation concepts but apply them to one’s own personal life.

In his honor, I’m sharing one of his most motivating talks – How Will You Measure Your Life?

Here, he offers a new set of guidelines for finding meaning and happiness in life. He explains how all of us can avoid falling into the traps that lead to unhappiness, and how to lead a fuller more purposeful life. View the 2012 TEDxBoston video hosted by Clay Christensen here.

91e+HlpZX0L (1)Image Credit: Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation