AI in Action: Applications for Marketing Professionals

On Thursday, May 18, Nicole Penn, President and CEO of EGC, moderated a panel to educate attendees on the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), the risks involved, and how people should embrace—not fear—this technology.

EGC Webinar.News“Nothing is moving faster than marketing, especially today,” Nicole said at the start of the webinar. The team members proved this with their own insights, along with demonstrations of a few AI applications.

What is AI?: Max Ross (Digital Account Manager, AI Lead)

As Max explained, while artificial intelligence (AI) is powerful—it is misunderstood. Made up of a group of technologies, AI enables computers to imitate how humans think. While AI may be applied to a wide variety of tasks (including copywriting, front- and back-end development, and image creation, among others) its purpose is to assist—not replace—human effort. (This is perhaps the most misunderstood idea about AI, and one which was reiterated throughout the webinar.)

AI in media: Christopher Canadeo (Director, Analytics)

Among other points, Christopher presented a rundown of are general takeaways of how AI is applied in media:

  • Customer Analysis and Insights: The ability of AI to analyze massive amounts of data which in turn provide insights that help audience targeting and the optimizing of campaigns.

  • Automated Optimization: Buying process and bidding strategies may be automated through AI to help improve campaign performance.

  • Audience Segmentation and Personalization: AI can improve audience segmentation and also create personalized ad experience based on user behavior.

AI and the future of search: Michael DiMarco (Director, SEO)

Michael stated that AI will enhance the customer journey and experience when he or she conducts and online search. One of the largest changes to search engine optimization (SEO) is in how users will search the web. In “the old days,” users would be going back and forth, switching from one site to another in finding the information they were researching. The application of AI circumvents this process—to the point where a search engine results page is no longer necessary. Results will be completely tailored to what a user is seeking.

AI and imaginative imagery: Rich DeSimone (VP, Creative Director)

While photoshoots and manipulating pictures through sophisticated software are still used, AI—in Rich’s words—allows creative professionals to be “in the moment” that will whip up exact images based on the artist’s specifically-worded prompts. In today’s more popular method of taking a “vertical” photograph (i.e., greater height, shorter width), it would seem there are limitations of what can be done. Through AI, a vertical photograph may be transformed into a square shape—without distortion—through the simple command of: “Improve the existing photo.” Thanks to AI, images come to life faster, smarter, and bigger.

What to guard against

  • It is very important to remember that AI is not perfect, and poses some risks that include copyright infringement and data security. (Additionally, there are likely more risks that have yet to surface.)

  • The brave new world of AI has been likened to the “Wild West,” as it is not regulated. Anyone who utilizes AI must check whatever is generated and catch and correct any inaccurate information. Additionally, “deepfakes”—where imagery is digitally altered for the purpose of spreading false information—is a threat to be mindful of.

  • The seminar ended with takeaways that reinforced how AI is not going to replace human beings in the workforce. We should therefore not be against trying this new technology in performing our jobs, as it will help yield better results with greater efficiency.

The summary above only scratches the surface of what was presented and what you should know about AI.

If you missed the webinar, or would like to see it again, you may watch this video.

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