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KISS Falscara

EGC created a unique and disruptive campaign that emphasized how Falscara will "turn your world upside down"—all with the goal to continue expanding awareness and engagement of the already viral product, and to also successfully compete with other brands in the growing DIY extension market.

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The campaign was brought to life with a series of eye-catching social videos and GIFs that truly make you stop in your tracks with a breathtaking set design, catchy music track and unique editing to show attitude and a world immersed in Falscara.

To bring the campaign to the next level, CG animation was created to show all elements of the groundbreaking product.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Product Photography

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Pack Shots Flat Lay_KFCK01_KFCM02_KFCM03_WispMultipack_9x16_V_0155 fn copy

Model Photography

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