Jackie DiBella

pr and influencer marketing manager

Before joining EGC, where did you work?
I’ve had some pretty cool jobs. I was the social media manager at Momtastic and community manager over at XO Group, Inc.: The Knot, The Nest and The Bump. Oh, and remember that time I worked here for a while too? #egcAlum

What exactly do you “do” at EGC?
I handle the public relations and influencer marketing programs for clients. Everything from developing strategy to execution.

Yankees or Mets?
Full blown Mets fan. (...at least David Wright is nice to look at?)

Any pets you want to mention?
My two cats, Callie and Chloe, are the coolest.

Do your parents really understand what you do for a living?
Sort of. When I started working in the social media world my dad told everyone I worked FOR Facebook… so there’s that.

What is the most surprising fact about you?
I absolutely despise running – but started training just so I could join in on the runDisney races in Disney World (my favorite place). Five medals later, I still hate running, but just signed up for another race.

How much of your life is spent online?
Do people actually keep track of this?

Are you a good cook? More important, does anyone else think you're a good cook?
I absolutely love to cook! Anytime I host people I end up cooking for a small country. (And no one has complained yet!)

Happy Hour. True or false?
Why limit it to an hour? Pass the tequila please...

Jackie DiBella
Jackie DiBella
Jackie DiBella

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