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Beauty & Lifestyle

Self-care and style are on the top of every shopper’s list. See how we can make your brand stand out.

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The beauty and lifestyle category is a crowded one, filled with constant technology innovations and product launches. In this crowded space, you need to deliver creative that is “thumb stopping” and worthy of someone’s time, your message needs to cut through and resonate with the target. Your creative must be representative of your entire target­­­‑‑not just a select few. And your messages need to be distributed via a well-rounded media plan that includes multiple platforms. The marketing mix needs to be the right balance of messages from the brand, complemented influencers and ambassadors who represent the brand. In the self-care category, the marketing application needs to be just right. Lucky for you, EGC has extensive experience in the category, having developed marketing solutions in this space. Take a look below.
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  • Strategy + Creative
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Video Content
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Influencer Marketing
  • TikTok Strategy
  • Event Activation Concepts
  • Community Management
  • Campaign Concepting
  • Podcast production
  • Online review management
  • CRM Strategy and Customer Journey
  • Affiliate marketing for MCD
  • Website conversion optimizations


  • Campaign reach/engagement
  • Product trial
  • Digital conversion optimization

Quick Study

KISS Falscara Lashes

Today, a key creative challenge is to develop “thumb-stopping” content. The fight to attract attention in one’s social feed grows more challenging by the day. In the beauty category, new products fill social feeds, so EGC knew something different was needed for the Falscara launch. We created a video campaign that leveraged a lie-detector device to educate consumers on the truths about Falscara. In this video series, neon “True” and “False” signs illuminate as Falscara users dispel the myths about achieving the lash-extension look and the benefits of Falscara. Certainly, this was an unexpected approach for the beauty category.

Work We ❤️

Color Squad Lipstick

Social | Video

EGC helped JOAH launch their newest line of lipstick, Color Squad, by creating a vibrant and anthemic two-minute music video entitled “Turn Up The Color.”

Make Everyday Your Runway


The imPRESS Couture Collection not only transforms your manicure, but your mindset. This campaign encourages women to live every day as if they are on a runway.

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