Meet Janet.

Granite and TREND Transformations

She's the spokeswoman we created for Granite and TREND Transformations. She’s a design guru who brings a smart, witty and no-nonsense approach to educating homeowners on a smarter way to renovate their kitchens and baths. Janet’s exciting personality and quirky style is the perfect balance for putting consumers at ease when planning a kitchen or bath renovation. The overall goal of the campaign was to highlight the key points of difference consumers would relate to. It’s been piloted on TV in a number of US markets and has already seen success, having generated leads by nearly double, month-over-month. Franchisees are reporting double digit sales growth, despite having closed their showrooms during the pandemic, with customers referring to the Janet campaign directly!


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A brand can go a long way by having a great, recognizable spokesperson consumers adore.



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Janet brings her wit to social

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Created an email marketing campaign to break into a consumer's consideration for a remodel and get them to schedule an in-home consultation.

Email Marketing campaigns with Janet


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