Blue Point
Brewing company


Blue Point Brewing hired EGC to help promote a worthy cause. The mission was to protect and improve the Great South Bay, so the Blue Point Brewing Company brewed “Drink The Bay Clean” India Pale Lager and donated a portion of the proceeds to local environmental groups dedicated to revitalizing our beloved Great South Bay. EGC helped develop a handcrafted, Long Island nautical theme and brought client Hopsteiner into the mix, who donated a portion of the Calypso hops. In addition to the branding of the beer, we helped drive traffic to multiple, live events from beach clean-ups to fundraiser dinners all to keep the mission thriving. 

Blue Point Brewing Company - Drink the Bay Clean label

Final Beer Label: EGC joined forces with Reid Carleton of popular Carleton Clothing to help develop this handcrafted, Long Island nautical theme.

Beer label & Reid Carleton and Mark Burford

Stopping Power. Bold, colorful, easy to read beer label. / Reid Carleton and Mark Burford pose for a photo at the BPBC Boat Yard Event.

Drink The Bay Clean hat & collectible beer glass

Full color imprinted bill: the Carleton Drink The Bay Clean hat is a classic. / New Carleton Clothing collectible beer glass.

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