With AI, Creating Images is Beyond Imagination

With the advent of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to photography, the ways in which creative artists develop images has leapt light years into the future. Prepare to be nothing short of stunned by how AI can enhance, extend, and build an image.

Hello, DALL•E!

Where image creation is concerned, perhaps the most popular and frequently used deep learning model is DALL•E. This learning model was developed by OpenAI—creators of ChatGPT and GPT-4. As OpenAI is able to generate massive amounts of text, DALL•E generates detailed visuals through natural language descriptions (NLDs), which are also known as “prompts.” And with recent upgrades and improvements, the details in a project created by DALL•E (now DALL•E 2) continue to grow more intricate.

Some details of DALL•E 2

This past November, OpenAI released an application program interface (API) version of DALL•E, now named DALL•E 2. Since APIs enables communication between computer programs, big-name companies—one of which is Microsoft—have integrated DALL•E 2 into their applications. An existing image is used as a foundation on which nearly countless variations and alterations may be generated…

For example: Suppose a creative artist has a photograph of a dish of food. The background needs to be replaced. Through a carefully-worded prompt, DALL•E will generate a new background based on the artist’s specifications. If the newer result needs further changes, another prompt will create the alteration—or alterations, depending on the artist’s conceptual vision.

How many times can a DALL•E-created image be edited and revised?

How many variations can DALL•E create for an image? As many as the artist can imagine. It’s all based on the wording and exactness of the prompt. As generative AI has grown, so has a new catchphrase: “The art of the prompt.” (For art-related job tasks, this is not only fitting but obviously has a double-meaning.)

Other uses…

DALL•E also has the capabilities to create mockups and logos that are unique and visually appealing. This can be especially productive as both the client and creative team can arrive at mutually agreed upon concepts in shorter periods of time than in the past.

The percentages for DALL•E are booming

The use of DALL•E is booming. According to a recent report from Website Rating, this model already has been trained on 12 billion images—and this figure will undoubtedly continue to climb.

It is a new age of creativity, and the EGC teams are excited to learn and apply the latest innovations in artificial intelligence to bring each client’s vision to life—and beyond.

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Bit of trivia: The name—DALL•E—is a combination of title character from the Pixar movie, “WALL-E,” and a famous master of surrealist art, Salvador Dali.