Will BeReal Break Through in Social Media Marketing?

When a new year begins, theories and predictions as to innovations that will disrupt current trends and become a game changer abound. Consider the social media platform BeReal. Created in 2022, where is BeReal going in 2023? Specifically, will it join TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites as an effective marketing tool?

BeReal—last year

As reported last summer, BeReal is a social media presence that does not rely on, or even want, any bells and whistles to accompany the photos that are posted to its platform. BeReal is strictly “friend-centric,” where users will receive “push” notifications within their circle and be prompted to spontaneously snap and post photos. And, as with Snapchat, these photos remain for 24 hours, after which they disappear. A group of friends knows and sees what their other friends post. How then, could a social media site that is so narrow in its capabilities and with such a rigid rule structure fit in with brand marketing?

Predictions about BeReal and its potential in marketing

What’s worth taking note about BeReal is the coverage that is has received in recent days. Insider Intelligence predicted that BeReal will establish its first revenue model sometime in the near future. And while it’s specified that this model will be based on premium features geared toward BeReal users only, it may eventually extend to marketers. Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at Insider Intelligence, pointed out that since many companies are actively seeking ad revenue—in correlation with social media platforms that are searching for models to help generate subscriptions—BeReal might in time change its policy. After all, some brands have already taken notice of BeReal’s potential and taken action…

Baby steps to branding on BeReal

Last December, computer company Logitech and restaurant chain Chipotle reached out and made connections with BeReal. Although the platform does not post ads, Katie Hicks, writing for Marketing Brew, states that BeReal is great for the forming of direct connections between brands and customers. (Hmmm…could this first-party data in action?) Apparently even TikTok and Instagram have taken to replicating some of the features of this “younger” platform. And BeReal is young, not only by being a new social media site, but one that has gained popularity among the youthful Gen Z audience. As these are the consumers of today and tomorrow, the prospect of BeReal as a place for brands to be seen is very likely.

BeReal will stay real

Should other brands join Logitek and Chipotle in trying to appeal to the BeReal crowd, they should keep in mind strong differences that separate it from other social media platforms. For the purpose of “keeping it real,” BeReal…

  • Does not have click-through or measurement capabilities for call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Has a limit to how many friends may be part of one group
  • Is not particularly user-friendly (i.e., it’s “wonky”)
  • And, as stated earlier, images that are posted are gone after 24 hours

The year is young, and the question of BeReal emerging as a successful marketing tool remains to be answered. Depending on the brand, its target audience, and especially its authenticity, BeReal may bring really positive results.

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