Why You Should Implement Schema Markup During Coronavirus (REPURPOSED)

The Internet has—and will—remain a main source for many as they continue managing their lives as best as possible through the coronavirus pandemic. From finding out the latest news concerning COVID-19 to making online purchases, among other uses, people are forever connected to their browser of choice. And one special part of effective online connection and communication centers on “schema markup.”

The scheme of things behind “schema markup”

The “schema markup” code is something we take for granted because, as online users, we’re focused on information in a search. Search engines, however, also must correctly interpret terms that are entered into a search bar. How important is this? The wording of a schema markup can either make or break a website, as it is a carefully data that defines all subject matter, actions, and relationships on the Internet. Ultimately, schema markup provides a better user experience to anyone who is conducting an online search. And websites with schema markup applied are eligible for the benefit of “rich results”…

How “rich results” go a long way

You’ve seen them, but might not have known them by their names—those brief descriptions of people, places, things, or businesses that appear at the top of the Google page after a search term is entered. These are “rich results” (formerly known as “rich snippets”) which are search results that include extra data. These results may be images, carousels, and other non-textual data. The search engine pulls this extra data from the structured data that site operators add to existing HTML. In short, this is another boost to getting a website noticed.

“Special Announcements”

The application of schema markup to websites has been put to much-needed use in the past year—and continues to do so today. Last year, George Nguyen reported in Search Engine Land on the “SpecialAnnouncement” structured data, released by schema.org. This “SpecialAnnouncement” data added date-stamped textual updates and markup to associate the announcement with an ongoing situation. And there have been countless “Special Announcements” posted on websites for stores, restaurants, businesses, and all other enterprises that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. And the benefits of schema markup have gone beyond keeping online users aware of the latest developments and announcements that are posted on their favorite sites. Benefits now extend to the home…

Schema markup during the coronavirus

How far has the influence of schema markup grown? In a more recent Search Engine Land article, Martha van Berkel noted that Google currently applies the structured data of schema markup to a variety of 32 rich results—and this number is increasing. Additionally, Google has added image licensing, home activities, and shipping information to product information-related rich results—all of which connect to the stay-at-home lifestyles that many have followed during the coronavirus pandemic. People have more options to shop, exercise, and occupy themselves through these features that are the result of effective schema markup.

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