Why Does EGC Run on EOS®?

EGC has just returned from the EOS® Worldwide Conference, where we learned a lot. Find out more about EOS, and why it is so worthwhile in business operations.

What is EOS?

Have you ever heard of EOS? It is the acronym for Entrepreneurial Operating System®. And while the name may sound hi-tech, the focus is “people first.” Entrepreneurial Operating System is founded on concepts and tools that enable entrepreneurs to not only reach their goals but to improve the lives of the people who they are connected to, including employees, partners, and clients. How then, does EOS work?

Vision, Traction, Healthy

The three main building blocks that make up the foundation of EOS are:

  • Vision: Gathering every employee in a business together, aligning them on a set goal (or vision), and creating an all-inclusive plan to reach that particular vision.

  • Traction: Building a sense of discipline and accountability among employees in order for the vision to stay strong and be executed on a daily basis.

  • Healthy: Developing ways where team leaders may become more focused, functional, and have an overall positive and healthy outlook, which then transitions to team members.

The core values of EGC

On our visit to this year’s EOS® Worldwide Conference, we found the building blocks listed above completely relatable, as they fit seamlessly into the very core values that EGC practices on a daily basis. This is particularly true of the “Traction” process, where team members gather on a weekly and quarterly basis to discuss their progress and status on their assigned projects. Through “Traction,” our Agency has stayed on track and reached its intended goals.

In 2019, EGC established—and since has maintained—the following core values:

  • Performance-Obsessed: We love what we do and ‘good’ isn’t good enough.

  • Accountable: We take ownership, and do what we say we’ll do. We follow through. We never say “it’s not my job.”

  • Collaborative: We are one team, sharing the same vision and goals.

  • Take Initiative: We always have lots to learn, and proactively seek out ways to do so.

  • We Play to Win: We are genuinely “in it to win it.” We help our clients win, and we in turn win as an Agency.

So, whether we realized it or not, we have been applying many precepts that are in-line with the philosophies of EOS. And now that we have returned from the annual conference, we aim to focus on these beliefs and values even further in order that we may grow as an Agency and serve our ever-growing client roster.

That’s why EGC runs on EOS.