What’s Up with Webchat and Conversions?

Technology and the power of the customer continue to advance side-by-side. Easily finding and either accepting or rejecting a business through digital means gives customers a lot of power. This also means that businesses have a lot of opportunities—if they invest in technology to accommodate customer demand. And their current demand is webchat.

Why webchat?

What’s the appeal of webchat? Very simply, it’s a sign of the times. These days, people frequently interact with friends and family through texting on desktop or mobile devices as opposed to speaking on the phone. So, it fits that if they want to learn about the products or services a brand or business has to offer, they’ll do so via text, or webchats. As observed in Campaign Monitor, being able to have a live webchat has replaced calling a business’ toll-free phone number for many people.

And the power and popularity of webchat is indeed great, as these figures prove…

Startling statistics

In a recent post on TechJury, Christo Petrov presented a list of revealing statistics that prove the power of webchat as an effective communication tool between customer and business. Where conversions are concerned, here are a few stats to be mindful of…

  • The popularity, demand, and benefits of webchat. Businesses that feature live chat on their websites can improve conversions by 12 percent. Additionally, 38 percent of users are likely to make a purchase from a business that has live chat support on its website—which can result in 52 percent of them becoming return customers. And, as a final point to consider, live chat has a higher return-on-investment (ROI), as it can lead to an increase of 48 percent in revenue (per chat hour), and a 40 percent increase in conversion rate.
  • The customer is always right—and many businesses need to play catch-up. More than 30 percent of online shoppers who use a desktop computer—and 62 percent of mobile users—now expect to find a live chat option on a business’ website. This should be a wake-up call for many, because only nine percent of businesses have made the effort to incorporate webchat into their websites.

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