What You Should Know About Updates to SEO

As you focus on how many sales your business is earning in the thick of this holiday season, keep in mind that the new year will be here before you know it. A few—but important—changes in search engine optimization (SEO) have happened in the last year, and will continue to have an impact in 2022. Take a break and either get to know or review some of the updated SEO offerings from search engine giant, Google

Search, shopping, and the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 coronavirus reached the U.S. in March of 2020 and continues to influence and impact how customers browse and make purchases. And Google, as Angie Nikoleychuk points out in Search Engine Journal, stepped up to the challenges brought about by the pandemic with the implementation of certain updates to its search capabilities that has increased customer satisfaction and improved how businesses appear in search.

A few of Google’s updates to SEO…

  • The change from “Google My Business” to “Google Business Profile”: Aside from a name change, this feature streamlined the process whereby local businesses could update their listings directly from Google Search and Google Maps. (Read more about the capabilities of the newly named Google Business Profile here.)

  • Easier access to local news items: Once upon a time, we scrolled endlessly through search engine page results (SERPs) to find information relevant to local news. Google has made this easier, thanks to updates to its “Local News Carousel,” “Top Stories Carousel,” as well as efficiently connecting news with topic searches and adding tweets that mention local news and journalists alongside stories.

  • More accurate attributes: For the purpose of keeping information about a business as relevant as possible—which also answers and matches a user’s exacting search query—Google includes specific attributes (e.g., “eco-friendly company”), which will appear in that enterprise’s Google Business Profile, as well as its Google Search and Google Maps listings.

  • Pointy: As the number of customers who opt to shop online continues to grow, local businesses would benefit if they could visually display their product lines in search. Google came up with a solution to this with the introduction of “Pointy,” a feature which not only presents images of the items a particular business has to sell, but has the capability to include in-store inventory to keep both merchant and prospective customer up to date on availability.

These changes are among many that Google will continue to fine-tune as we move from the holiday shopping season of 2021 to the new year. It’s important that your business is able to keep up with these changes to keep its online presence strong.

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May your holiday sales stay strong, and be even stronger throughout 2022.