What Type of Video Content Fits Your Brand?

If you are starting to use video in your marketing campaigns, or have already tried but were unsuccessful, there’s one question to keep in mind: What type of video content would best serve your brand? This is an important question, and since video is everywhere, it’s something that can be taken for granted. What follows are descriptions of different types of video content to help you find the right match for your brand or business.

Event video

From happy wedding celebrations to serious and informative lectures, the “event video” is the go to choice for any and all live events. If you own or operate a hotel, catering hall, or arena, a nicely produced video can marketed to anyone who is not able to attend a particular happening. And as technology continues to become more sophisticated, a cutting-edge event video—lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to three hours—for your business can look as impressive as anything this side of popular awards ceremonies seen on TV.

Commercial or advertising video

The most well-known type of content, it may be said that the birth of video marketing took place when commercials began appearing on television decades ago. Today, “commercial or advertising video” appears in nearly every place—such as mobile devices, digital out-of-home advertising spaces (and of course, television)—and in a variety of formats that include sponsored or branded content and pre-roll content. Generally, this choice can be used by any brand or business that’s seeking greater visibility.

Promotional documentary video

In the “information age” of today, people may choose to watch content that provides in-depth explanations and demonstrations of a product, service, or place. This has given rise to the “promotional documentary” form of video content. You’ve more than likely seen a number of infomercials in recent years. This is the most obvious example of a promotional documentary, and it features storytelling by way of videos and client testimonials.

Corporate video

With a running time of anywhere from a few minutes to one hour, the “corporate video” encompasses training sessions and overviews of the culture of a brand, business, or organization. It should be noted that the “promotional documentary” type of content described above may also fit under the corporate video category. (So, more than one type of video campaign can be created for a brand, depending on its type of business.)

Real estate video

Yes, you read that right. With technological advances such as drones that can shoot bird’s eye footage of property, “real estate video” is a marketing dream come true for realtors, developers, and land owners and landlords everywhere. The use of “sliders” (which are existing videos that can be easily placed on websites) and “time lapses” (where frames are shot at slower rates but quicken the video playback) are also utilized in real estate video production.

Educational video

When we hear the term “educational video,” we may tend to think of programming on public television. Be aware, however, that online “how to” demonstrations, public service announcements (PSAs), tutorials, and explainer videos (which offer details of a brand’s products or services) are all about serving a single purpose: to educate the viewer—and hopefully make he or she a customer. (Watch an example of an educational video, as Michael DiMarco, EGC’s SEO Director, speaks about Google and SEO.)

Music video

No, we don’t mean MTV. Some brands may well believe how “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and opt for a melody which accompanies moving images instead of voiceover narration. Yes, the “music video” is their chosen method of promotion. A music video can be especially effective as a teaser that can attract a viewer to click and see more about the products or services provided by a brand or business.

Social media video

Arguably the most popular and widely seen (and produced) type of content, “social media video” has the versatility and power to make an impact in as little as one minute. Posted on platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, and quite noticeably on TikTok, social media video can make a statement by way of content that can be organic and user-generated or through professional production. (See what Christina Botte, EGC’s Director of Social Media, has to say about the benefits of TikTok.)

With a wide range of video content available, a wide suite of services can help

If, after having read the options above, you still wonder which type of video content would capture the interest of potential customers, get in touch with EGC. We have the expertise and ability to oversee every aspect of your brand’s video campaign. (And we do mean every aspect.) Here’s how:

  1. The process would begin with our branding and development services department, who will determine the video style that would best suit your business. Once this has been established…
  2. The creative phase—pre-production, product, post-production, marketing, and distribution—happens at The EGC Content Studio.
  3. Is your video aimed at and intended for being posted online? The search engine optimization (SEO) team at EGC will oversee its performance and offer suggestions on how to improve performance if necessary. Or…
  4. If you hope to get your video in front of television audiences, our media planning and buying managers can evaluate and coordinate how to make your brand make a splash on the small screen.

So, the benefits of letting a full-service agency take care of each phase of producing a video campaign to promote your brand are strong, with the interconnectedness of each department’s skill a major plus.

Remember: Video is no longer a novelty but a standard in marketing, and knowing what type of content to use is the first step toward a promising campaign. Once established, all the steps are put into place, and your video campaign will be created, marketed, seen and remembered before you can say: “Lights, camera, action!”