What is Clubhouse? Behind the New Wildly Popular Social Media App

Having spent some time discovering Clubhouse over the past few weeks, here is what you should know…

So, what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-based social app, which is currently “invitation only.” Think of it as a home of many real-time podcasts that you can listen to, participate in, or where you can jump in and out of “rooms.” Rooms can be set up and moderated by anyone, and are often organized by interest. Clubhouse has been used as a networking platform, and is a big hit with entrepreneurs and creatives.

Vogue described the app‘s experience as: “a dizzying bringing together of live podcast-style conversations, panel discussions, networking opportunities (some savvy people are already swapping ‘influencer’ for ‘moderator’) and advantageous multiple-room use (locked and private options are available so you can talk to pals too), the social-media app mimics real-life interactions.” 

I personally found the interface user-friendly. I also liked the organization of interests and I respect the amount of entrepreneurial conversation.

It’s likely a space where “solopreneurs” can quickly gain organic followings, which is something that’s hard to do on other platforms today.

So much of its current popularity (it was valued at $100 million this past May) is based on FOMO (fear of missing out). You need an invitation to join, and the conversations are in real-time—not recorded—so you wouldn’t be able to scroll through your feed to listen to what you missed. 


  • Great opportunity for influencers, ambassadors or entrepreneurs to organically gain traction.
  • There’s something refreshing about unfettered “audio only” conversation.


  • Lack of moderation of harmful content. Clubhouse already has abuse and content moderation—or lack thereof—problems. As the New York Times noted, there have been numerous complaints about Clubhouse not having moderated improper content.
  • Lack of accessibility (aside from it being “invitation only”). It currently only works via iPhone.