Web Series: The Comeback – The Turnaround

As many brands and businesses weather turbulent change, EGC Group is committed to helping your business see a brighter future. In preparing for the turnaround, we launched a web series titled: “The Comeback.”

In this episode, “The Turnaround,” we discussed what could be done now to prepare for planning, budgeting and allocating for a post-COVID-19 world. Topics included:

  • Data Collection Strategies You Can Implement Today for Tomorrow’s Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention Methods
  • Asset Preparation via Virtual Production Methods
  • SEO Strategies to Implement Now to Prepare for Later
  • Digital Media and Remarketing Strategies for the Turnaround
  • Media Allocation and Media Predictions for Q3 and Q4

We also reviewed turnaround case studies and provided a “30-Day Checklist” to help your brand thrive during the pandemic. Additionally, we introduced EGC’s Virtual Content Studio as well as our new local marketing platform – Raydeus.


If you missed it, or would like to watch more videos from this series, click below.