Watch Out for a Boom in Banner Ads

If you have ever used banner ads to promote your brand or business, here is some news that’s worth sitting up and taking notice of. Banner ads are poised to be back in the near future—with a high-tech vengeance.

Banner ads: Loved…

Generally speaking, whatever beauty banner ads have is in the eyes of different beholders. Many marketers consider these ads to be useful elements in their digital advertising campaigns. (In 2020, Investopedia called banner ads a popular form of advertising” and pointed out that they help create brand awareness and generate leads, as well as retarget an audience.) 

Banner ads: Hated…

A number of random users, however, get annoyed by having rectangular advertisements appearing along the top, bottom, left, or right of their screens, disrupting them as they search or read other content. (In 2019, Search Engine Journal posted an article on the types of digital ads which users found most annoying, and banner ads were rated at 36.7 percent and 34.2 percent of respondents for, respectively, products purchased and browsed.)

Banner ads, liked or hated, have hung in there to this day—and they are about to go through what may be considered a renaissance…

Banner ad industry vaults into the future, with the dollar signs as proof

A recent article in Digital Journal cited a report from Million Insights, which stated that—with help from artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics in big data—the global advertising banner industry is about to advance on a grand scale. How grand? By the year 2028, banner advertising is predicted to reach $87.14 billion dollars. This projected sum correlates not only to the popularity of banner ads (whether increased or renewed), but the eagerness among brands and marketers who are putting post-pandemic advertising strategies into place.

Marketing via banner ads after COVID-19

As with most industries, the advertising and marketing sectors needed to cut their budgets or pause spending for the majority of the last two years. Now that there has been a gradual lift on restrictions, there is extra incentive for marketers to promote the brands they represent as far and wide as possible. And, despite its detractors, banner advertising is gaining a newfound popularity as an effective way for marketers to attract the attention of potential customers. Market growth will grow as more dollars are allocated toward banner ads.

The rundown of types of banner ads

The Million Insights report listed—in order of market segmentation—the types of banner ads in marketing:

  • Static Banners: Ads which are predesigned and contain only text, image, and a CTA (call-to-action).

  • Rich Media Ads: Interactive ads that feature elements—including video, couponing, and polling—to encourage a response from users.

  • Video Banner Ads: High-tech banner ads with embedded videos, which can be expanded or redirect to the hosting domain.

  • Native Advertising: Paid ads which replicate the type of media they appear in, and, in short don’t resemble typical banner ads. Native advertising can be found frequently on social media and as content on a website.

Trivia about banner ads

The Atlantic claims that ATT was the brand to launch the very first banner ad. Purchased in 1994, the thin rectangular box had a message at the left reading: “Have you ever clicked your mouse right HERE?” This message had an arrow pointing to the upper right with the instruction: “YOU WILL.” Approximately 44 percent of anyone who viewed the ad clicked on it.

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