Video Ads Via Traditional Media (Or, Commercials on Television)

During the holiday season, people practice certain traditions. They may put up festive, eye-catching decorations while listening to holiday music or binge-watch favorite “’tis the season” movies. With the idea of tradition in mind, let’s look at one traditional method of advertising—television—and where it stands in today’s landscape.

Do television ads matter today?

Video ads, or commercials—as they were called in the “old days”—have evolved over the decades since they were first broadcast on television. In an age where more sophisticated formats of advanced TV (addressable, programmatic, and connected ads) are making their presences known, many might wonder if traditional television commercials are still relevant. This is understandable, as return-on-investment is of great concern. Despite concerns, questions, or doubts, there’s no denying that television promotes awareness and visibility. So, in a word—yes. Television does matter, and television ads should not be ruled out as a way for brands to get noticed.

A statistic to tune into

How relevant are television ads? Earlier this year, Harvard Business Review published an article that detailed a return to traditional forms of advertising. This article cited eye-opening findings from MarketingSherpa, which calculated that 80 percent of consumers considered television advertising as a trusted source for browsing and shopping. That’s certainly relevant. Television advertising is effective—but preconceived notions have lessened its viability.

Points to know about advertising on television

As the newer forms of advanced TV gain popularity, there has been a growing assumption that traditional (yes, there’s that word again) television ads are out of date. In a recent interview with Marketing Week, Joel Wilkenson, senior director of engagement at London-based media company Finecast, offered his views on how too many people are mistaken about television advertising. Among the points he clarified were…

  • Television advertising is still relevant and is a highly trusted media channel. What’s changed is the choices in how ads are presented—from traditional commercials to advanced TV—as well as how consumers choose to see them.

  • No brand is too small to advertise on television. With the right strategy, lesser-known brands may make an impact on the small screen. And where cost is concerned, a seasoned creative agency has the expertise to create high-quality commercials that won’t break the bank.

  • To advertiseor not to advertise—on television in this economy? Mr. Wilkenson states this is in fact a smart time to begin a television ad campaign. Brands that invest in promoting themselves on television (within reason) during difficult times tend to emerge stronger—with greater visibility—later on.

Please reread the second point, especially if you own a local business that is not as famous as “big box” competitors. Here is a case-in-point for your consideration…

EGC’s television ad for PremierOne Dental Plan

PremierOne Dental..NewsThe EGC Group recently created a campaign for PremierOne Dental Plan, a company that provides dental plans for those who do not have insurance. Included in this campaign was a video ad starring Ron and Roger, identical twins whose only difference is their choice of dental coverage. This 30-second spot, which can be seen here, is entertaining, informative, and—most important—memorable. (And it’s still playing on television.)

Curious to know more about how your brand or business might benefit by advertising on television? EGC can satisfy this curiosity. Every phase of a television campaign—from consumer research, video production in the EGC Content Studio, and media planning—are all handled under one roof to produce an eye-catching and informative ad.

Get in touch with EGC to learn more. You’ll see how a television ad campaign can boost your presence. And more importantly, consumers will see what your brand has to offer.