Tune in to Changes on YouTube

Are you using YouTube to promote your brand? Good for you if “yes.” Are you aware of changes that either are—or will—impact marketing efforts on this site? Take a break and find out what you need to know so that your brand’s presence on YouTube stays strong.

What to know about YouTube, and why it is important

While many users search and scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, among other social media sites, YouTube is a platform that deserves as much attention—particularly where marketing is concerned. Consider, as only one example, recent findings of how 89 percent of consumers actually bought a product or service after having viewed a video on YouTube. This site yields serious results for brands, which is why marketers should be in the know. Know what?

Changes to be aware of…

An article posted to Social Media Examiner provided a list and explanations of important changes to the YouTube platform that will affect how brands are marketed. These changes include:

Saying goodbye to YouTube links and channel banner links

The links found in the descriptions and comments in Shorts (videos which are 60 seconds or under) are now unclickable. Marketers must now rely on native shopping features or other creative methods instead of links to attract potential customers. Additionally, YouTube channel banner links have been discontinued. Now, when users visit a particular channel on the platform, they will find a clickable description below its username which leads to an “About” tab, description, and up to 14 related links.

Smoother management of YouTube channels

The lives of channel owners on YouTube and their connected marketing teams will now be easier. With the implementation of “navigation chips” to the site, switching between a Google account or a channel account is now more efficient. The headers found in channel banners may now be edited, and “Permissions” have been transferred from “Manage Your Google Account” to “Setting”—all of which may be accomplished in YouTube Studio, the platform’s home for creators.

Strengthening the YouTube community for marketers and creators

Now, marketers and creators have access to place and promote community posts. One popular method that’s being applied is the posting of polls, where users and followers can offer feedback. (It may be said that this is the online equivalent of the phrases—”give the people what they want” and “the customer is always right.” The connection between marketers and creators and their respective audiences can now be stronger.

Users are getting into the YouTube act

If users wish to be seen and heard, YouTube now provides the capability for them to add a short playlist from the “Shorts” player. This, along with the polls feature mentioned above, helps marketers and creators gain a better understanding of their customers’ tastes and preferences about the content they wish to see posted. Again, it’s about building and strengthening the relationship.

Getting an inside look through YouTube Analytics

Marketers and creators now have an inside look as to who is viewing their respective content, thanks to the “Content All” tab in YouTube Analytics. With this feature, they can discover what’s catching the attention of the most users and thus gain a better insight of the most effective content to use in presenting their products and services via YouTube.

Summaries by way of artificial intelligence (AI)

Yes, YouTube has joined the growing ranks of enterprises that implement AI into its operations. It should be noted, however, that the platform is applying AI slowly and carefully, as inaccuracy is a risk that would result in summaries that might have errors which means inaccurate reports of what users prefer to watch on YouTube. With the relationships between marketers and creators and their customers in the balance, great care is being taken with this particular change.

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