Top 3 Hacks to Optimize Digital Marketing

Here are three effective tactics that will help make the most of your business’ digital marketing efforts. Think of them as “New Year’s Resolutions” for digital marketing.

1. Start answering questions

It’s time to think beyond your FAQ pages when it comes to answering questions your audience is asking. Answer questions anywhere on your website that are relevant. Think of two or three questions that can be answered on any given page of your site, and add it to the content.

2. Repurpose content

Never, ever let your content be wasted on a single audience. You took all that time to create something of value, right? Well, why not share it with someone else? Figure out how to reuse existing content in other formats and for new audiences. Get the most value out of it that you can.

3. Make every page a landing page

Every page on a website needs to have a purpose. And then it must fulfill that purpose. Ask yourself: “What do I want visitors to do after landing on that page?” Then make sure the messaging and the calls-to-action all support that specific goal.