TikTok: Making Holiday Wishes for Businesses Come True

What brand or business couldn’t use a new and fresh way to connect with customers who are shopping for the holidays? The answer to that question is TikTok, the breakout social media sensation of the last few years. If you’ve been promoting what your business has to offer for the holidays on social media, you should make room for TikTok.

As the holiday season rolls in, now is the most important time for brands to ramp up their social media activity and spend—specifically on TikTok. 

For many brands, this will be the first holiday where they begin posting and promoting their products and services on the platform. In developing a TikTok strategy for the clients of the EGC Group, it’s important that we understand how and when users are shopping from platform-to-platform. While most brands that are on Instagram and Facebook begin to heavily promote holiday messaging in October through Cyber Monday, EGC’s TikTok paid media strategy is a bit different. Since 57 percent of TikTokers searched for gifts from June to October, and 35 percent of users bought all of their holiday gifts before Cyber Monday, our strategy is to push gifting earlier on TikTok. Gone are the days of a “one-size-fits-all” social media strategy. At EGC, we pride ourselves on offering our clients channel-specific strategies for successful media campaigns across the board.

For more details and information about how to effectively promote your business on this platform, check out TikTok’s 2021 Holiday Guide.

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