Three Basic Benefits of AI in Marketing

EGC focuses on three benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) that should help put any fears you might have to rest.

A note from EGC

If you have not already done so, please read this feature: “AI in Action: Applications for Marketing Professionals,” and watch the recording of the webinar that EGC hosted several weeks ago. This is a comprehensive presentation that teaches what you need to know about AI.

Now, for the benefits…

AI is here to help you

You can run but you cannot hide from AI, which is everywhere. Practically every business in operation today is applying artificial intelligence in some way or another. It goes without saying that this is the leading marketing trend of today. As broken down by Brian Shelton in MartechCube, these are benefits of AI that will help and enhance the goals that you—as a marketer—are aiming for: personalization, automation, and analysis.

I. Prioritizing personalization

The days when just making sure the correct first name or surname in the greeting of an email address are gone. Personalization is a priority. Today, a brand’s database may have thousands of names—but not all of these customers want the same products or services. Through careful utilization of AI, a marketing email may be tailored to match the particular needs of a specific customer and what he or she may be interested in purchasing. Taking these capabilities further, AI can even suggest the best day and time to deploy an email. This kind of accuracy ensures that the relationship between brand and customer remains strong.

II. Task automation

Most processes are automated. (And if they aren’t, the workload is magnified.) With the assistance of natural language generation (NLG) technology, content for marketing-related collateral—from blogs to newsletters, among other types—may be created. Additionally, chatbots and virtual agents may be helpful in providing customers with correct information quickly and efficiently. In the fast moving times of today, when customers want results and marketing strategies may need adjusting at a moment’s notice, the task automation abilities of AI cannot be undervalued.

III. Advanced data analysis

As the requirement of simply having the correct the names in an email is now obsolete, so too are many forms of processing data. Allowing AI to drive and process analytics provides more accurate and understandable insights into customer data, which in turn may be applied to the planning and execution of better campaigns. Time is saved, as is the price that a data analysis with errors would cost. And marketers are now able to focus their hours and energy into devising the most effective plans for their customers.

The benefits of AI detailed above—personalization, automation, and analysis—should help clear up any misconceptions about the role of this new technology in the workforce: It is to help—not replace—human effort.

For an example of how one very respected social media site is using AI to enhance its service to customers, read “LinkedIn Links With AI to Create and Amazing Resource.”

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