There’s a Lot to Learn from Social Listening

Where your brand is concerned, are you practicing social listening? If not—or you’re not completely sure about what’s involved with social listening, please keep reading. Paying attention to what others post about your brand contributes to its success.

Your brand is being “talked” about a lot online—whether you know it or not

How do customers (honestly) think and feel about your brand’s products or services? Between reviews or comments posted on Google, any choice of social media platforms—not to mention anywhere else over the Internet—public opinion is more public than ever. Word of mouth in this modern age is louder and clearer than it ever was. And that’s why you should make social listening for your brand a priority.

Social listening is one of the top trending practices in social media

As pointed out in a Collaborative Article on LinkedIn, social listening is among the top trending social media practices that help a brand or business stand apart from the competition. Considering how far the worldwide web reaches, there is a lot to social listening. Whether your brand’s name is the focus of an online review or has been typed out once or twice in a chatroom, any “mention” of it means opportunities for discovering where it stands—positively or negatively—among existing and potential customers. How so?

The ripple effect of social listening

Social listening not only provides you with a better understanding of the needs and preferences of your customer base but the power to answer questions and proactively help anyone who has a concern or complaint about your brand. And, in a “reverse situation,” where customers feel motivated to post glowing comments about your products and services, you can—and should—join the conversation by thanking them. Such online interactions influence an already strong connection between your brand and its most loyal customers. Speaking of influence…

Social listening is also very influential

One among many side benefits of social listening is that you may learn about new trends that are taking shape as well as additional opportunities for promoting your brand. Lastly, this practice may help put your brand gain a fast track for efficiently matching with influencers who align with the products and services you provide. And with the right influencer in your corner, the credibility of your brand will increase, as will traffic and conversions to its website. More customers, more visibility, and more overall good stuff, yes?

The term “ripple effect” is in one of the headings above. Devising, creating, and launching an impressive online presence and social media campaign for a brand is only the beginning of this journey. Once a brand is brought to life on the Internet, the ripple effect of user opinions begins—and spreads. The social media experts at the EGC Group forever keep in step with how our wide range of clients are perceived by both existing and prospective customers. And our listening efforts lead to rewarding returns—and “positive ripples”—for our clients.

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