The “Who,” “What,” and “Why” Behind a Video Campaign

Opinions differ on the most effective way to deliver a brand message to an audience. It can’t be denied, however, that video campaigns are among the most exciting. Today, clever videos are everywhere—and they can be created by anyone. (Just look at the scores of user-generated content on social media for proof.) With this in mind, the focus on how to create a professional and attention-getting video for a brand must be sharper than ever. If you are planning a video strategy, questions about “who,” “what,” and “why” need to be answered.

The ”who” factor of a video

Whether you are a marketer, creative professional, or client, you must begin by discovering “who”—or the target audience—your video is aimed toward. Even though a video campaign is planned to highlight your brand, the focus must always be on the specific audience who may be interested to know more about it. The particular goods or services you sell determines the right target audience for a video message. For example, do you sell items related to children, such as baby food, kid’s furniture, or toys? If so, your target audience would be young families. By taking stock of what your brand or business specializes in, narrowing down who will be inclined to stop and watch a video that displays and provides details of your goods or services will be that much easier and effective. Just remember: It’s all about the customer; their needs, wants, and interests.

The ”what” of the video’s message

Once the intended audience of a video campaign has been decided upon, a very involved question needs examining, and that is the “what”—or the message—of what you wish to advertise. The reason the “what” factor of a video campaign is complex is because it is divided into three parts that must be conveyed to the target audience clearly and completely in order to generate interest in your brand. In the planning stage of your video campaign, write out three questions:

  • What does your brand have to offer that would interest potential customers?
  • What is so special about your brand that makes it stand out among the competition?
  • What would potential customers need to do in order to buy or learn more about your brand’s products or services?

The answers to the above questions may vary in some cases, but as with the “who” of a video campaign, the focus is always on the customer.

The ”why” behind a video

Now that you have determined “who” your audience is, and “what” they are looking for, focus can now shift to “why”—the reason—you want to promote your brand through video in the first place. You need to know this before any production stage in begins. As mentioned before, since video is everywhere, a natural tendency may be to simply say: “I want a video for my brand.” Ask “why” you think a video would make a strong connection between your brand and your target audience. Once a truly defined purpose has been established with answers like: “I need a video to promote my new line of products,” or “My business is expanding to new locations and I want to highlight this through video”—as two possible examples, you will have a definable foundation to build on.

Questions inspire more questions

The common theme in the “who,” “what,” and “why” questions works like this:

The customer has a need. Your brand should be the solution that the customer is looking for to address this need, and video can accomplish this more effectively than any other method.

With this understanding, and by honestly promoting your brand, your video campaign will successfully check off the “who,” “what,” and “why” questions. You will have a better idea of the type of video content to produce to make a positive impression—thus attracting new customers and increasing sales of your goods and services.

These are perhaps the most basic questions that must be answered in the planning of a video campaign, and there is a lot to cover. Questions often inspire more questions, and it is easy to get overwhelmed as to where to go.

Now you’re likely wondering “who” will help?

Answer: At the EGC Group, a full-service team of marketing and creative professionals will oversee and cooperate in the planning strategy and filming of the most effective video campaign possible. We being by examining the best branding and development approach to your campaign, where we get a thorough understanding of your business and your target audience.

And “what” happens then?

Answer: Once you and the EGC teams have decided on the best way to promote your brand via video—whether online streaming, social media, or television—production begins in The EGC Content Studio, and your campaign is literally set in motion.

You may finally ask “why?”

Answer: EGC operates on a performance-based compensation model, which means we share any risk as well as success. We don’t think in terms of you as the “client” and ourselves as the “agency”—but as “partners.” We put our skin in the game and our money where our mouth is. And we are especially passionate about seeing challenger brands win.

Do you have any more video-related questions? EGC has answers.