The Power of Podcast Advertising

Are you looking for a fresh but powerful and proven way to get your brand’s message to potential customers? Consider, if you will, podcasts. There are podcasts on every imaginable topic of interest—and they continue to populate streaming platforms. People who are interested in a particular topic are currently listening to one or more podcasts related to it. And advertising on podcasts is strong—with findings you may find hard to believe. Lend an ear…

The podcast revolution

Yes, the podcast revolution is in full force. And brands are pursuing this new medium to make themselves heard—literally. The proof is in the spike of increased ad revenue…

The profitability of podcast ads

According to statistics in MediaPost, which cited findings from Interactive Advertising Bureau, podcast advertising revenue in the United States grew from $708 million in 2019, and doubled to $1,448 million last year. By the end of this year, that figure is predicted to reach $2.1 billion—an increase of 47 percent. Within the next two years, advertising revenue from podcasts may equal $4.2 billion.

Much of this increased revenue correlates to satisfied customers. Who are they, and how are “podcast-savvy” are they?

Percentages of podcast listeners

An infographic posted by Music Oomph had these findings about the podcast listening habits in the nation:

  • 6 percent of the population are devoted fans of podcasts
  • 24 percent listen to podcasts on a weekly basis
  • 37 percent listen to podcasts once every month
  • 55 percent have listened to a podcast
  • 75 percent know the term “podcasting” (Yes, that is a term.)

Interesting insights about attitudes toward podcast ads

Podcasts—and even the ads that accompany them—have a mystique that seems to have no limits. Think about it: We live in an age where livestreaming audio and video platforms offer subscribers the option to listen or watch content without being interrupted by ads (for an additional cost, of course). A recent MarTech article pointed out, however, that more than 80 percent of podcast enthusiasts were not bothered by occasional breaks to hear an ad. Indeed, these listeners were not only not annoyed by podcast ads—but inspired by what they offered…

Podcast + Ad = Purchase

Yes! Taking the above observation further is that people have actually been motivated to buy something as they were hearing their favorite podcasts. Approximately 75 percent of consumers were very happy with purchases they’d made—which was the result of having listened to podcast ads!

Keeping podcast audiences happy

Based on a study from, the MarTech piece noted that podcast listeners had very defined preferences in regard to hearing ads. The majority of listeners, for example, like it when ads were read live—during the recording—as opposed to pre-produced segments. Additionally, more than half of listeners want to hear the host (or hosts) read the ads. And, three-out-of-five listeners wish to have the capability of interacting with the ads, and they also trusted endorsements that were promoted on their podcasts of choice. Which brings us to another interesting emerging trend…

Another “influence” of podcasts

Go back to the previous paragraph and note the observation of how listeners prefer to hear ads on podcasts that are read live. Ideally, the host has even written the text that he or she will read aloud to the audience members who have tuned in to this podcast. Believe it or not, as Heather Osgood notes in Forbes—this is an expression of the popular strategy known as influencer marketing. And the connection between a podcast host (read: influencer) and his or her audience brings the relaying and receiving of a message back to the basics of communication: Unlike emails or texts, hearing a human voice deliver information not only includes the facts—but tone and attitude. This then makes the relationship between the host and audience that much more meaningful and believable.

So many podcasts that cover so many topics of interest means that there are all that many more opportunities for brands to make themselves known to listeners. Creating podcasts is one of many specialties at The EGC Content Studio. We can help many podcast listeners become potential customers who will want to buy the goods and services your brand or business has to offer.

We’re waiting to hear from you—so that we can help you be heard by many others via a podcast ad. Get in touch with us today.