The Importance of Video to SEO Rankings

We all know how easy and convenient it is to search for a video on the Internet. Simply type in a title, topic, or some other search term, and a list of related videos appears. The Internet helps video. On the other hand, video is equally—if not more—valuable to the Internet, specifically where search engine optimization (SEO) is concerned. Find out…

Google and SEO

The relationship between Google and SEO zeroes down to where a website representing a brand or business appears in search results. Whether you own a business or are part of a digital marketing team, you well know that everyone from developers to copywriters take extra special care to include the right elements—from calls-to-action and keywords—in order to achieve a high SEO ranking in Google. Where does video fit into this?

Adding video to the mix

Has it occurred to you that a brand’s video may be the first element a user notices when scanning the Internet? A carefully crafted video could therefore be an introduction to a brand or business, even before the user visits the corresponding website. So, that’s one immediate and obvious benefit. As you read on, you’ll learn that where search is concerned, the video content of a brand is as equally important to Google’s criteria for quality and value as a website, social post, or digital ad.

The “pluses” that video brings to SEO rankings…

1. Traffic

In the online world of today, the term “heavy traffic” has taken on a new (and positive) meaning. The more traffic a website receives, the greater its chances of gaining SEO rankings. And Google especially favors a website that has a steady traffic flow of returning users. What motivates these users to begin visiting a particular website, and why do they keep returning? Very possibly, they may have watched an online video, which accounts for 82 percent of Internet traffic. So, show some more love to your brand’s video presence by filming and posting more of them online.

2. Increased time

Another factor that contributes to SEO strength is the amount of time a user spends on a website. As stated, the percentage of video-related Internet traffic is high, and this matches to how many minutes someone will spend on a website. If a brand has a video presence, visitors will watch and remain on the site longer. This then leads to greater rankings in Google. With this in mind, you should either embed or include links to branded video content on your site, as this will not only attract visitors, but keep them engaged for longer periods of time. (Queue up The Rolling Stones’ “Time is On My Side.”)

3. An online ripple effect

Branded video content that is posted and published to a cross-section of sites—ranging from YouTube to social media—offers great opportunities for gaining both referral and overall quality traffic. Additionally, if an effective video creates interest and makes an impact, it may be copied and included in other online content—known as backlinking—which will increase brand visibility and awareness. In short, a backlinked video will reach more users. This is one more example of how SEO rankings may improve, thanks to careful creation and placement of video content.

4. Conversions

The true test of how effectively video connects with SEO is its power to convert. If a user conducts an online search for information about a brand or product and clicks to watch a video that inspires him or her to pursue a call-to-action—from joining a mailing list to making a purchase—a successful conversion happens. The ability of a brand’s video to increase conversions may well be the ultimate proof of its positive impact to SEO.

Steps for creating and optimizing video to increase SEO rankings…

1. Pre-production and editing

This may seem obvious, but putting extra time and effort into the pre-production stage will help make the actual process of shooting the video easier. This stage includes establishing who the intended audience is, the brand message you want to convey, and how to make it happen through video. On completion, take further care in editing the video and audio components.

2. Placing metadata

Here is when the SEO team gets involved by the addition of metadata (i.e., a set of data that gives information about other data) to your video. The “meta title” and “meta description” are written and placed to optimize the video so that it can be ranked by Google and other search engines. This stage also requires great care in order for the video to appear in a high position in search results.

3. Getting the video out there and seen

Now, the section above—“Online ripple effect”—goes into action. Once the video has been reviewed and approved, it should be promoted on all primary platforms—YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Depending on the format and type, you may also be able to post your video to LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. Additionally, be sure to include a link to the video in email blasts and campaigns.

4. Thumbs up for thumbnails

It has been written and said many times before, but it is proven by this step: People are visual and are drawn to something by sight. The title (part of the metadata) and accompanying image (the thumbnail) of a video posted on line will be the first things that catch their attention. A great screenshot from your video that’s transformed into a thumbnail will make users stop and take notice.

5. Enter the SEO team

Once all of the production stages have been completed, the metadata placed, and the video is turned live throughout the Internet (with a thumbnail to serve as a preview), the SEO team should begin monitoring the progress of how the rankings in Google search take effect. It is important to remain patient, as success will be gradual.

As a full-service agency, the EGC Group can help you strengthen your brand’s online digital presence, which includes SEO services and cutting-edge video production, among many others. The EGC Content Studio will plan, produce, and edit the video, and our SEO department will implement the highest-grade “white hat” best practices to make your brand stand out.

It’s all about diversification. As with a financial portfolio, the more diversified a brand’s digital presence is, the stronger it will perform. By giving more attention to your brand’s video presence, SEO rankings will increase.

Get in touch with us today. We will make your brand’s online presence—web, email, digital ads, and video—diversified.