The Comeback: Search Marketing Workshop

In the episode, “Search Marketing Workshop,” we were joined by EGC’s SEO Team to explore their insights as they dived deep into the ways SEO has changed since the coronavirus pandemic.

The Comeback - Search Marketing Workshop-1In our first episode to cover this topic, the team discussed specific strategies that companies can implement to prepare for the comeback. Here’s a snapshot of the discussion:

Paid SEM Efforts

The coronavirus pandemic is causing dramatic shifts in search. Despite this new “normal,” Jim Pasqualone, EGC’s Senior Director of Digital Growth, stated paid SEO remains the most important part of a company’s marketing efforts. So, the question remains: “What do you need to do to adjust your SEO approach?” Here are some key points that were discussed to help you know where you stand within your brand:

  • Understanding rising search queries will help you react to changing consumer behavior.
  • Significant changes require shifts in strategy and approaches.
  • Revise and adjust copy to reflect your current environment and the services you offer.
  • Set up new platforms that may be new to the mix—such as Amazon, Bing and Criteo—as examples.
  • Now is the time to test new offers, pages, and conversion funnels for the purpose of gaining valuable data.

With this valuable insight, the conversation shifted seamlessly from paid SEM efforts to organic efforts. Here are the team’s insights on that subject.

Organic SEO Efforts

The team discussed some silver linings to the COVID-19 pandemic, and they also outlined the SEO benefits that can be addressed during this time. Here are some important things you can do now that will help you prepare for the rebound:

  • Tackle any technical SEO issues, such as broken links and images. Fix redirect loops and chains and make sure every page has a unique title tag and Meta description, for example.
  • Run a site audit to determine areas of improvement and to see how you stack against the competition.
  • Get found everywhere. Be sure your business is listed across 150+ digital services so customers can find you—no matter where they search.
  • Check your Google My Business Profile. Be sure to respond to reviews—good or bad. Responding to reviews sends the right message and shows your company is actively engaged. (It also helps with organic listings.)

Now that you’re up to speed on paid and organic strategies, the team concluded with the best SEO techniques to make it all happen.

SEO Techniques that Google Rewards

  • Update your content regularly. Repurpose existing content to keep the information fresh and current.
  • Focus on answers, not just keywords. Provide well-written content as Google continues to develop its voice search capabilities. And be sure to use natural language when answering questions.
  • Address how your business is dealing with COVID-19. Provide updates such as locations that are open, for example.
  • Implement COVID-19 schema markup. This is a code for Google to understand what is on your page.
  • Be alerted to and understand what new Google algorithm updates mean for your business.

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The takeaway: The goal for any company is to consistently outperform its competition. The team agrees that by following the best practices listed above, companies will see SEO pay off in the long run.

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