The Comeback of the QR Code

QR codes – first a hit, then a miss, but now…

The QR code has had an interesting journey. Invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara for the purpose of tracking vehicle manufacturing, QR codes made their way throughout the world and were considered hot technology 10 years ago. Then they fell out of use because the app technology provided by smartphones at that time made scanning these codes awkward and clumsy. But things change, and not too soon.

Slow-building success

With time, and a little trial and error, comes improvement. Several years ago, smartphone operating systems were built with the capability to scan QR codes directly from the native camera apps. And with the current pandemic in force, these improvements to QR codes have been most timely. Today, QR codes have undergone resurgence in popularity and usage that Masahiro Hara likely never imagined. As Nicolás Rivero, writing for Quartz states, QR codes are “finally having their moment.”

The current use of QR codes is a sign of the times

Yes, you may have already guessed that this resurgence in the widespread use of QR codes correlates to the changes in people’s behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. The technological advantages provided by QR codes are being used by:

  • Stores, shops, and other types of businesses that can offer customers the option of contactless payments
  • Restaurants that can accommodate diners who are leery of touching printed menus by allowing them to read offerings online via mobile devices
  • Perhaps most topically, pharmaceutical companies are testing this technology in the development of COVID-19 testing apps

QR codes and marketing

In addition to the uses listed above, QR codes can also increase marketing effectiveness. The catchphrase of “there’s an app for that” may in time be complemented by “there’s a QR code for that.” QR Code Generator details the many types of codes that can help in everything from boosting customer engagement (App Store, Video, Feedback QR codes) to generating high volume leads (Email, Coupon, SMS QR codes), among other marketing goals.

Whether using the standard static or trackable dynamic format, QR codes will be used with greater frequency in these times. It is one example of the shifting ways this pandemic has forced people to change how they interact in everything from personal interactions to conducting business transactions.

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