The Comeback: New Age Storytelling

In the episode, “New Age Storytelling,” EGC’s Rich DeSimone, Vice President of Creative, teams up with award-winning visionary and aficionado David Balfour, co-owner of LIGHTBLUE, to present some of today’s most exciting and cutting-edge engagement approaches to the new age of storytelling. Based in Dubai, UAE, LIGHTBLUE is one of the world’s hottest creative experience agencies, working on the cusp of today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape.

New Age in Storytelling.webinar.01Survive and Thrive—How Brands Can Reconnect After COVID-19

Balfour kicks off his message of positivity with two words—“survive” and “thrive.” In these times of uncertainty, brands are looking for new ways to reconnect after COVID-19. Here is what to look for in 2020 and beyond:

  • Consumers are seeking brands that align with their personal values, meaning more brands will shift to selling more meaningful, positive lifestyles.
  • Brands that consider Innovation, Rapid Agility, New Norms and Value-Driven Messaging will see a strong comeback in 2020.
  • Generations Alpha and Z will take on a more action attitude with holistic human betterment.
  • Brands will turn to their softer side by showing more empathy, localism, emotional intelligence, belonging and connection.

How Brands Can Help in Times of Rapid Change

Ask almost anyone and they will have a story to tell of how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their lives in one way or another. Although the impacts on our lives may differ, collectively we are all experiencing similar challenges. So, how can brands help during these times of rapid change? Balfour offers some straightforward advice on how brands play a pivotal role:

  • Develop a new perspective on philosophy that is based on consumer needs and what brands can offer.
  • Make global your new normal.
  • Empower consumers through content.

A New Age of Engagement

They say, “It’s all in the approach,” when referring to a delicate situation. And, when it comes to engaging customers in these unprecedented times, the approach is as selective as the brand itself. Here are the 10 engagement approaches Balfour discusses in the New Age of Storytelling:

  1. Animation and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI): This “less is more” approach is a powerful storytelling medium that allows brands to tell complex stories with simplified narratives executed via a visualized and compelling format.
  2. Extended Reality: It is expected that Augmented Reality revenues will exceed Virtual Reality in 2020 with the potential to add $1.5 trillion (that’s trillion with a “t”) to the global economy.
  3. Gamification: Hands down, gaming offers a storytelling platform like no other as it unites brands, consumers, and employees. It is the emerging dominant social network and the future of loyalty.
  4. Live Streaming and Remote: Considered the gateway to connecting with customers, live streaming and remote is one of the best ways for brands to build trust. This crossover from physical to digital allows customers to live in the moment and live stream a shopping experience. It’s social e-commerce at its best.
  5. Motion Graphics: Quick to produce and value-efficient, motion graphics is a great format for brands seeking to create multiple social assets that are eye-catching and engaging.
  6. Repurpose: Affordable, easy, and timesaving, repurposing existing content is a proven way to improve the efficiency of assets. Whether you’re relaunching a pre-existing campaign that has been repurposed or repackaging existing content to create new formats, repurposing is a great way to make existing content fresh.
  7. Stock Footage: Stock footage is making a new name for itself as brands are creating cinematic content from the availability of countless photo libraries. Post-production teams are able to manipulate the footage to ensure correcting any inconsistencies in lighting and color graphics.
  8. User-Generated Content (UGC): These days, almost everyone you know has access to a high-definition camera on their smart phones, which makes UCG one of the most rapidly growing ways to tap into the new age of storytelling.
  9. 360o Production: This exciting approach to storytelling can transport your audience into the center of a story, immersing them into a world that makes them feel as though they are in that physical space.
  10. Experiential: Now more than ever, consumers are craving to come together. The power of the live experience presents a unique opportunity for brands and consumers to reconnect.

Putting Trust in Principles

In these times of uncertainty, one thing is certain: Trusting in core principles will help guide brands and consumers back to each other. So, how are agencies setting the pace to make it happen? One way is by engaging their network of businesses with others around the world. It’s called Tribe Global, a global network of successful, independent agencies and business partners like the EGC Group and LIGHTBLUE that share one thing in common: They are all different.

EGC is excited to showcase LIGHTBLUE in our Comeback series and invites you to a front row seat to view the exciting video samples Rich and David have selected. It’s a great way to fully grasp the concepts and see them in motion.

You can watch the entire episode here, or to view more videos in the series, click below.