The Chat About the New Chatbot from Meta

Written by Jonathan Baker
Contributor: Christina Botte, Director of Social Media at EGC

Have you noticed a small blue ring in the top corner of your Facebook or Instagram screen? Welcome to the latest launch from Meta! Keeping in stride with the growth of artificial intelligence (AI), the social media dynasty is releasing its own chatbot. Meet Meta AI.

Some social media sites are being transformed

As this chatbot was developed by Meta, affiliated social media apps—Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp—will offer users the opportunity to interact and ask questions. With this wide selection of sites, chatbot’s presence will be strong. Heather Kelly recently declared in The Washington Post that social media users “can’t avoid” Meta AI. Why?

Meta’s edge with Meta AI

Despite the rise and growing use of AI tools, not everyone may have felt the need to use ChatGPT or Gemini. Nearly everyone, however, is a registered user of one or more of Meta’s social media platforms. So, the Meta AI chatbot is making itself known to these many registered users who might not otherwise have applied this technology. What do they need to know?

The makeup of Meta AI

At this point in time, the rollout of Meta AI to the connected platforms is still going on. Users will find the chatbot in search and messaging features and even under certain posts in the “feeds” sections. The visibility of the thin blue ring—the Meta AI logo—signals that the chatbot is present on a user’s social media sites. Newbies to AI should show caution about what they should “ask” Meta AI.


Users will notice a change in the appearance of the interface of the platform they are on. Seach bars, for instance, have been replaced by chat boxes. When initiating a chat with Meta AI, sentences or words may be entered. As with ChatGPT or Gemini, care should be taken over how to phrase questions, as well as caution on subject matter…

Best ways to use—and not use—Meta AI

As Heather Kelly advised, Meta AI is best used for fun, noncritical questions and tasks but should never be relied upon as an authority for anything serious, such as medical or financial advice. Despite AI’s sophistication, the risks of receiving wrong answers are great. (This is similar to knowing when and how to get information quickly through social or take time to research via Google.)

In short, users who are new to AI should ease into trying this chatbot.

Meta’s motivation

There are two prevailing reasons as to why Meta has incorporated AI into its operation. The first is obvious: The tech giant wants to join what may be called the “AI revolution” to stay relevant among users. The second reason is kind of ironic: Reportedly there is a drop in the posting to feeds on Meta’s social media sites. This new chatbot—Meta AI­—is a fallback that users can “talk” to.

Like most brands and businesses, you most likely have a presence on one or more social media platforms. With careful application and curation, the Meta AI chatbot could be a game changer in marketing, and the social media team members at EGC are currently researching the possibilities. Stay tuned for the latest news and developments.

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