Taylor Swift and Spontaneous Marketing Magic

A few days ago, Taylor Swift—you know, the popular singer—showed up to watch her rumored boyfriend—Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs—play football. Since then, there’s been a ripple effect of unplanned publicity which is translating into what may be called “spontaneous marketing magic.”

The VIP booth appearance

Taylor Swift’s now famous appearance in a VIP booth at the Kansas City Chiefs’ game on Sunday, September 24th, where she cheered on Travis Kelce and his team has appeared in every kind of media—from digital screens of social media to traditional print and broadcast. This seemingly informal appearance where the industries of music and sports met is generating publicity—and revenue—on a beyond grand scale. How so?

The power of being in-the-moment

In NFL video footage, Taylor appears in a VIP booth alongside Travis Kelce’s mom. Importantly, this appearance was not rehearsed. No fancy effects. No special spotlight. Here was a young lady who was enthusiastically caught up in the excitement of a football game with thousands of other fans. This was a spontaneous in-the-moment expression of joy, which is something everyone can relate to—even the rich and famous. And that factor has indeed benefited the Kansas City Chiefs.

Two wins for the Kansas City Chiefs

Last Sunday’s game saw a two-fold win for the Kansas City Chiefs, as they beat the Chicago Bears in a score of 41 over 10. As for the other win…

Taylor is already well-known. Travis Kelce, known to football fans, is becoming more famous because of his association with the singer. (Or, as stated in USA Today: “Taylor Swift puts Travis Kelce on the map.”) Going further, the Kansas City Chiefs has gained a kind of collateral fame. The link between these two public figures has resulted in a spike in sales for jerseys imprinted with Kelce’s name. How great a spike?

Within a space of 24 hours, Kelce-imprinted jerseys experienced a 400 percent in sales. This is how the “spontaneous marketing magic” mentioned above unfolded. And, for recent additional spikes in other types of sales, check out this image, courtesy of Front Office Sports.

Some kind of influence, yes?

Taylor Swift EndorsementsTaylor Swift: Celebrity influencer

Taylor Swift is not only a famous singer/songwriter, but a celebrity mega influencer. Having recently been seen by thousands at what has become an equally famous football game has resulted in gains that have made her—indirectly—a celebrity influencer. Her connection with Travis Kelce has elevated not only his profile, but that of the Kansas City Chiefs. Football fans may well become Taylor Swift fans. Music fans may become interested in football. Wider cross-over audiences means more prospective customers—which means more sales.

Will there be more Taylor-influenced campaigns?

In the last couple of days, there has been speculation about a connection between Taylor and Dunkin’ Donuts. This blog was published on Friday, September 29—which is National Coffee Day. Members of the “Dunkin’ Rewards” program are entitled to free coffee when they purchase something else. As reported in USA Today, this promotion also ties in with a Little Words Project that has just released a friendship bracelet collection. These bracelets will have Dunkin’ Donuts-related messages—but there may well be a Taylor Swift influence. Well, you decide. Just look at the Twitter/X post below…

Taylor Swift.Dunkin

Swift breaks records “All Too Well”

Are you ready for it? Taylor Swift’s mega-popular “Era’s Tour” is hitting theaters this fall in the highly anticipated concert film, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.” And just like her chart-topping hits, it’s shattering records left and right. This concert film is setting new benchmarks for all-time single-day AMC advance ticket sales, surpassing the previous record holder, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which earned $16.9 million in a single day, according to AMC. Swift’s film has now claimed the title of the highest first day ticket sales on Fandango for the year, grossing an astonishing $26 million in sales on its first day of pre-sales. It’s clear that Taylor’s influence, both on and off the stage, is rewriting the record books.

Influencer marketing at EGC

Where influencer marketing is concerned, the EGC Group truly delivers results. Let’s change the topic from music-meets-sports to banking. One client, Jovia Financial Credit Union, wanted to expand its audience, and EGC planned and created a social media campaign that was as entertaining and engaging as it was educational…

A series of videos that ranged from “person on the street” interviews about spending to Jovia team members offering instructions for budgeting were created and posted to TikTok and collaborated Reels on Instagram. Each video has a spontaneous, natural feel. (Dare we say they have the same naturalness and spontaneity that was captured of Taylor Swift’s appreciation of last Sunday’s game?)

The results of this campaign for Jovia? Visit this case study page, where you can watch selections of the videos and discover the increases in engagement, impressions, video views, and followers. (And we did not enlist the services of a celebrity, which proves that you don’t need to be a familiar face to make an impact.)

Can EGC provide spontaneity to make your brand stand out? Get in touch with us to learn more.