Take a Good Look at What YouTube Can Do for Your Campaigns

Most brands and businesses have online video visibility. They promote themselves on Instagram Reels, TikTok, or some other social media site. These are worthy sites, but what about YouTube? You know: The site that put video sharing through the worldwide web on the map. Are brands using YouTube to their best advantage?

YouTube: The forgotten social media platform

Let’s state the obvious: Brand promotion via video is a powerful means to attract new audience members and increase visibility—not to mention profitability. As reported by Laura James in Search Engine Land, however, some brands and businesses are neglecting their YouTube accounts. As a result of this neglect, brands are missing out on untapped opportunities for increased success they could be having by keeping their YouTube presences alive and well.

False assumptions about YouTube

There are a few surprisingly wrong notions about YouTube that marketers have come to believe in recent times. Some think that YouTube is strictly for younger audiences of the Gen Z age group. Others regard YouTube as being all about pop culture and music videos. And still others assume that big budgets and hi-tech production values are needed to launch a successful video campaign on this site. Wrong on all counts. So, what’s right about YouTube?

Tune into these findings

According to a study conducted by Wyzowl, approximately 89 percent of consumers have bought products or service after having seen a video promoting them. And if a product that’s purchased requires special assembly, three times as many consumers head to YouTube to watch a tutorial as opposed to studying printed instructions. Good stuff, yes? (It gets better.)

YouTube’s “Test & Compare” feature

A Media Post article reported that, at last month’s VidCon conference, YouTube rolled out a “Test & Compare” feature to help anyone who creates content and post to the site determine the best-performing thumbnail for a particular video. Essentially, this enables A/B testing on YouTube, where creators may upload a maximum of three thumbnails for each video they post. Every bit helps, yes? Which bring us to…

YouTube and artificial intelligence (AI)

The heading is a spoiler, but the YouTube algorithm—which is AI-based—determines the best content for placing at the top of users’ feeds. And, as pointed out in Search Engine Land, this algorithm is in a constant state of change, based on the preferences of individual users. This is another example of AI being used to supplement and enhance—not replace—the effectiveness of the efforts of marketers (read: human beings) in brand promotion. And for another example of enhancements through AI…

YouTube’s new dubbing capability—courtesy of AI

At the same VidCon conference mentioned above, YouTube announced its new partnership with Aloud, which is a dubbing service from Google’s Area 120 incubator. (Yes, this is an AI-powered dubbing service.) As explained in The Verge, Aloud transcribes the audio component of a video and provides the creator with a transcription. From there, the audio can be translated into other languages. (Marketers who have international clients will really appreciate this development.)


So, YouTube is alive and will truly thrive—particularly with its latest application of AI enhancements—as a marketing tool.

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