Take a Closer Look at LinkedIn

So, your business is visible on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, among other social media platforms. Maybe you are using more than one platform to reach as many potential customers as possible. How about LinkedIn? If you are not on this platform, you may be missing out on some unique and valuable advertising opportunities.

LinkedIn: It’s more than about matching jobs to employees

Yes, when we hear “LinkedIn,” our first thoughts are of job seekers looking to network with employers who are trying to fill open positions with the most qualified candidates. This is a primary—and most useful—purpose of LinkedIn. But there’s more to this medium. As with other social media platforms, this professional-centered medium has also become a unique space where professionals and B2Bs can increase their visibility, develop relationships with customers—and ultimately strengthen their digital marketing strategies. How strong?

LinkedIn and business-related social media leads

LinkedIn may be considered a “best-kept secret” in social media marketing. As far back as 2016, this platform accounted for 80 percent of B2B marketing leads. Not surprisingly, 92 percent of B2B marketers used LinkedIn more than other social platforms. And, 46 percent of social media traffic to many B2B companies came from this platform. If these figures now have you thinking about either beginning or enhancing your social media presence on this platform, be prepared and use caution. Keep in mind that an altogether different strategy is needed. Because LinkedIn falls under the heading of “social media,” not all social media platforms value the same type of content.

Setting LinkedIn apart from other social platforms

When visiting a website, you’ll often find familiar social media icons (e.g., small “f” for Facebook, camera for Instagram) grouped together in either the top or bottom corner of a page. And the “in” icon which designates LinkedIn is frequently included with these images. Be aware that any marketing strategy devised for LinkedIn must be approached from a different angle than other social media platforms. Whereas Facebook, Instagram, and other channels are comparatively more informal, LinkedIn is, literally, “all business.” Promoted properly on LinkedIn, there are distinct advantages to help your business grow in both visibility and sales.

Advantages and benefits of advertising on LinkedIn…

As Amelle Mahmoudi of LinkedIn explains, aside from the already established advantages—such as targeting and strong demographics—businesses that advertise here have the opportunity to benefit from…

  • Increased credibility: In a research study, 50 percent of respondents considered a business to be of high quality if they advertised on LinkedIn. Other accolades mentioned include “more professional,” “intelligent,” and “respectable.” The literal payoff to this exposure for these businesses was an increase in short-term sales performance of between 10 percent and 15 percent.
  • High brand lift goes even higher: In order to stay top-of-mind among potential customers, there should be a combined advertising model of “brand” (at 46 percent) and “demand” (at 54 percent). Prospects who see brand and acquisition messages on LinkedIn have proven six times more likely to convert to becoming customers over those who saw one or the other.
  • More effective retargeting: Businesses that advertise on LinkedIn have not only strong targeting capabilities, but the potential to expand on their audiences with the help of Matched Audiences and the LinkedIn Audiences Network.
  • Prioritizing of privacy: We live in a time where privacy is a top concern, and LinkedIn has proactively addressed this issue with the introduction of Group Identity, which carefully evaluates and screens the sharing of information.
  • Stronger sales and marketing alignment: Finally, there is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which provides increased efficiency in the often at-odds environment of sales and marketing through the creation of “relationship-based” selling that helps businesses connect with the right audiences.

So, as stated above, there’s more to LinkedIn than employment seeking and opportunities.

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