Surge in Streaming Platforms

More time at home resulted in more people discovering streaming and turning to audience streaming platforms. Audio streaming surpassed expectations and ended 2020 stronger than ever with more than 345 million monthly active users (up 27 percent YoY), of which 199 million are Ad-Supported.

 A large portion of the audiences are turning to podcasts, and podcast consumption hours have nearly doubled since last year and 25 percent of audio streaming monthly active users (MAUs) now engage with podcasts. Spotify has made tapping into these audiences available for businesses of all sizes by including podcast inventory in their ad studio.  

 The future of audio streaming, in the form of podcast advertising is here—and it’s addressable, scalable, and insights-rich. Reach out to learn what the next advancements in streaming audio and podcast marketing will be, what kind of CPMs you should expect to pay for your campaigns, and how to determine which conversions were a direct result of your campaigns.